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Sheldon Spotlight Board of Trustee Awards

The Board Trustees of the Sheldon Independent School District presents the Sheldon Spotlight Awards Night twice during the school year to students who have made outstanding accomplishments throughout the year.  The Spotlight Award is the highest, most prestigious District award given.

Two Sheldon Spotlight Awards ceremonies will be held to recognize celebrations by semester: January 14, 2025 and May 6, 2025. The awards ceremonies will be held at the King High School Performing Arts Center and will begin at 7 p.m.

Qualifications & Expectations

The Sheldon Spotlight Award recognizes students who have achieved regional, state, or national awards while representing Sheldon ISD in various curricular and co-curricular competitions and events.  Teams or groups, with 12 or more members, qualifying for a Spotlight Award will be represented by team captains, or senior leaders. (Select no more than 5 students to serve in this capacity to represent the team/group.)  These students will accept the award on behalf of the team/group at the annual ceremony. All team members will be listed in the ceremony’s program and will receive an award at his/her campus by the Principal or Coach/Program Director. Other team members should be encouraged to attend the event. Seating will be available in the audience section for other team members. See the list below of competitions/events and levels to be awarded.

Principals, sponsors, district directors, and curriculum coordinators should submit names of students who are eligible for a Sheldon Spotlight Award on an official Spotlight Awards Form. If the nomination is for an individual student honor, please complete the form specified for Individual Honor. If the nomination is for a team/group honor, please complete the form specified Team/Group Honor. The forms are available on the district’s Website under staff resources. The form should be submitted for all first semester events by December 13, 2024 and all second semester events by Friday, April 11, 2025.

Principals, sponsors, district directors, and curriculum coordinators may propose additional awards for students who achieve recognition commensurate with those listed.  The Spotlight Awards Review Committee will review these nominees. Please address questions to the Communications Department at 281-727-2007.

Eligible Recognitions for Sheldon Spotlight Awards