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Educational Programming Begins for Sheldon ISD’s New High School

Sheldong ISD

LAN and Huckabee met with Sheldon ISD and school staff to develop the educational program for the new Sheldon ISD high school and stadium. An educational program lists the rooms and spaces that will compose the school. A completed program typically marks the end of the planning phase. Once planning is complete, design will begin.

On October, 2017, program architect Huckabee & Associates, Inc. held a four day charrette with Sheldon ISD leadership from across the District, including personnel from core academics, CTE, ROTC, fine arts, language arts, food service and athletics. A charrette is an intensive collaborative workshop involving stakeholders, end users, and the architects. The charrette process is designed to transition from the planning phase and kick-off the design phase.

During the four day workshop, Huckabee led district staff in discussions and exercises focusing on adjacencies and circulation. From the information gathered, Huckabee pulled together initial design concepts for the new school, stadium, and the site. At the end of the four days, a tentative site plan was developed and the high school massing began to take form. While the classrooms were not yet located, academic, administrative, fine arts, and athletic areas began to take form.

As the design phase continues, Huckabee will finalize the site plan and begin floor plan layouts for the new high school and stadium.