2016 Bond Information

  • Sheldon ISD is considered a fast-growth district. According to a June 2014 demographic study, district enrollment was projected to be at nearly 8,300 by December 2015. At this rate, Sheldon ISD can expect to have a student enrollment of more than 11,000 by 2023.  

    The Sheldon ISD May 2016 bond was the first bond called in 10 years. The planning for the bond was a multi-year information gathering and analysis process, including demographic studies, a district-wide facility assessment and long-term facility analysis, financial analysis, tax impact scenarios, and community input.

    After careful consideration, Sheldon ISD recommended a $285 million bond program to address the District’s fast growth, which included new construction, upgrades and renovations, and the latest technology upgrades needed to support 21st learning environments for today’s students. In May 2016, the community voted in nearly 70% favor of passing the bond.

What's Included

  • The bond will allow for construction of new schools to prevent overcrowding and upgrades and improvements to all 12 campuses. Please refer to the Projects page for additional details.

    $285 Million Bond 

Election Result

  • In May 2016, 99% of Sheldon ISD community members voted in the bond elections, with almost 70% overwhelmingly in support of the bond.

    69.7% in favor of the 2016 bond
    Election Result