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    8530 C. E. King Parkway
    Houston, Texas 77044


    King Academic School of Excellence

    KASE offers the students of Sheldon ISD a high school experience without the distractions of a traditional high school.

    We offer a flexible schedule that allows you the ability to better manage the challenges of  life. We have a morning session from 7:05 a.m.—11:05 a.m. and an afternoon session from 11:35 p.m.—3:35 p.m. You are required to come to one of the sessions five days a week. You also have the option to stay for the entire day, which allows you to finish your courses faster and graduate sooner.

    You are able to complete the requirements for the foundation graduation plan as well as the foundation plan with an endorsement.

    One of the amazing options that KASE offers is the ability for you to complete your high school courses in the morning and take dual credit courses at San Jacinto College in the afternoons or evenings. It is quite possible for you to graduate from high school with an industry certification. This would allow you to start working in a well paying job straight out of high school.