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    Transportation to KASE Starting September 21st.


    KHS is being relocated to Sheldon Elementary and Sheldon Early Childhood Academy. For the purpose of this transportation explination I will refer to this as the new high school complex.

    AM transportaiton

    The bus to the AM session at San Jacinto College will leave the new high school complex at 7:10.

    If you walked to KHS prior to the hurricane, you will walk to KHS and a shuttle bus will take you from KHS to the new high school complex. This bus will leave KHS at 6:15.

    If you rode a bus to KHS prior to the hurricane, the bus will pick you up at the same time and location and deliver you to the new high school complex.

    If you drive or are dropped off, you can arrive at KHS before 6:15 and catch the bus to the new high school complex, or you can arrive at the new high school complex before 7:10.

    You are not permitted to drive to San Jacinto College unless you are a dual credit student and you have a valid parking tag.

    The bus home from the AM session will depart from the back of building 12 at 11:30 and take you to your neighborhood. 

    PM Transportation

     A bus will come close to your home to pick you up. You will need to contact the transportaiton department today in order to find out when and where the bus will pick you up. The number for transportaiton is 281-727-1400.

    At 3:50 a bus will leave from the water tank/tower at San Jacinto College and take you to the new high school complex. The activity bus will take you home from the new high school complex.

    Accessing Your SISD Gmail Account 

    Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)

    In the address bar at the top, type in mail.google.com.

    Your email address is your ID#@apps.sheldonisd.com.

    Your password is whatever you use to log into the computer at school.

    We will email out all updates to starting back to school. Please check daily.

    Returning from Harvey - Monday, September 18th

    KASE will be relocating to San Jacinto College North campus while repairs are being made to our building. We will continue to have two four hour sessions, but our times will change a bit due to transportation. Our morning session will be from 7:25 until 11:25 and our afternoon session will be from 12:00 until 4:00.

    You are required to ride the bus from CE King High School to San Jacinto College. You are also required to ride the bus from San Jacinto College to CE King High School. We are not allowing students to drive, be dropped off, or picked up from San Jacinto College unless you are currently a dual credit student.

    Transportation Schedule

         **Monday, September 18th - Wednesday, September 20th -  Students will be responsible for their transportation to KHS before their session and home from KHS after their session**

         6:30 - The AM session bus will leave KHS for San Jacinto College.

         11:30 - AM session students will be transported back to KHS.

         11:30 - PM session students will be transported from KHS to San Jac.

         4:00 - PM session students will be transported back to KHS.

    If you miss the 6:30 AM session bus from KHS, you have two options: you can ride the 8:00 AM bus with the ECHS students or ride the 11:30 bus to the afternoon session. You may not drive yourself or have someone drop you off at San Jacinto College. If you miss your normal transportation contact Mr. McGee at 832-857-5153.

    If you are unable to provide your own transportation to and from KHS, your absences will not be counted against you. We will start a full transportaiton schedule on Thursday, September 21st. Absences will start to count against you at on the 21st.

    All KASE students need to have a G-number before Monday the 18th of September. In order to optain a G-number complete the Apply Texas application for San Jacinto College. This can be done by accessing applytexas.org.


    King Academic School of Excellence

    KASE offers the students of Sheldon ISD a high school experience without the distractions of a traditional high school.

    We offer a flexible schedule that allows you the ability to better manage the challenges of  life. We have a morning session from 7:10 a.m.—11:10 a.m. and an afternoon session from 11:40 p.m.—3:40 p.m. You are required to come to one of the sessions five days a week. You also have the option to stay for the entire day, which allows you to finish your courses faster and graduate sooner.

    You are able to complete the requirements for the recommended graduation plan as well as the new foundation plan with an endorsement.

    One of the amazing options that KASE offers is the ability for you to complete your high school courses in the morning and take dual credit courses at San Jacinto College in the afternoons or evenings. It is quite possible for you to graduate from high school with an industry certification. This would allow you to start working in a well paying job straight out of high school.