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How Parents and Guardians can Help

Unfortunately emergency situations can occur at our schools, and we need the help and support from our families as we implement security measures. In the event of a school emergency, the district is working quickly to gather accurate information to share with families and the community. All information will be shared through the district's calling system, email, text alerts, social media pages and posted to the website. If necessary, additional messages will be sent as a follow up to provide families with an update. 


Sheldon ISD understands hearing your child may be located at a school where an emergency has taken place can be frightening. However, you can help Sheldon ISD operate smoothly in an emergency by doing the following:


Please do not come to the school. It is natural to want to come to the school. However, arriving at the scene during a secure or lockdown situation can interfere with the emergency response from the school and law enforcement and can actually put our families in danger. Please wait until you get further direction from the school. 


Try to not call the campus. We will send out all communication to families once we confirm the accuracy of the information. Sometimes, we may not be able to share all circumstances of an emergency as it can impact someone's privacy rights. It is important to keep phone lines open at the school so the campus can communicate with emergency personnel. 


If your child contacts you, please help them stay calm and encourage them to listen to school staff. Although we ask children to remain off of their devices during the school day, we realize an emergency causes fear and panic. If your child should call or text you, please encourage them to listen and follow directions of their teacher and school administration so that they remain safe. 


Please get information that is accurate from the school district. Unfortunately, when an emergency occurs, rumors begin to circulate. To prevent confusion, please help us by spreading the district's official statement and communication with families. Encourage families to wait to hear from the school district. District officials are working as hard as they can to prepare communication that is accurate for families. Sometimes this can take some time. Our first priority is keeping your child safe at all times.