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Research, Assessment, and Data

PEIMS is the abbreviation Public Education Information Management System. It is a data collection system for gathering student, staff, financial, and organization data from school districts and education service centers. The Research, Assessment & Data Department is committed to efficiently collect, communicate, and maintain data to ensure greater accuracy and integrity.


Our services include but are not limited to:
Training and Support (SIS System and PEIMS)
Assist Special Program Departments
Provide updates on PEIMS Data Standards

What is PEIMS used for?
– Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)
– Federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
– Performance-Base Monitor (PBM)
– Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas
– Compliance Measure

Funding (Foundation School Program)
– Title Program
– School Lunch
– Special Education
– Grant Programs

Students of the Special Education department in blue shirts with a colorful parachute held between them.


PEIMS data is collected four times each school year. The submissions are the following listed below: