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Service Record Request

Please Note the Following:

  • Service Record requests are made through the link below ONLY.
  • Requests can take up to business 30 days to be processed after the final contract day is worked and all attendance is reported.
  • Official Service Records are provided to inactive employees only.
  • Former Sheldon ISD employees are only allowed one official copy of their Service Record.
  • If the request is for an unofficial service record for a graduate program, please include that in your request.


Request your Sheldon ISD Service Record Here


The original service record must be given to the employee or an employing school district or charter school upon request. Districts are required to provide the record no later than the 30th day after the request is made or the 30th day after the date of the last day of the individual’s employment, whichever is later (Texas Education Code (TEC) §21.4031).

The original service record should be verified by the employee and a legible copy maintained by the organization for audit purposes. A scanned version of a service record may be considered an original copy if the document is given directly to the employing school district.

Current employees also may request a service record for reasons other than moving to another school district. For these purposes, the district should respond to the request within 30 days. This record wouldn’t include the current year of service and is considered unofficial.