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Field Experience / Observations

Mondena Dugat

Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services



Sheldon ISD Field Experience/Observation Procedures

Sheldon ISD welcomes the opportunity to mentor aspiring educators as they obtain observation hours or conduct field experience as part of their coursework toward becoming a certified teacher in Texas.


Procedures for approval to observe teachers on Sheldon ISD campuses:

  • Contact the Human Resources Department Secretary, Mondena Dugat at
  • On the day of your scheduled appointment, bring your driver’s license or state identification card and a letter from your college, university, or alternative certification program as verification of your admission or enrollment in coursework toward teacher certification.
  • During your scheduled appointment, you will be asked to complete a Consent to Perform Criminal History Background Check form, DPS Name-Based search form, and a Field Experience/Observation Handbook Receipt.
  • You will be emailed a letter of approval for observations within five business days from your appointment. The letter will include who to contact on each campus to schedule your observation dates and times.
  • Print the letter and take a copy of it with you to each campus on your scheduled observation days.


Field Experience/Observation Timelines:

  • Observation requests are accepted at the beginning of each semester term. Requests submitted earlier than the beginning of each semester term will not be processed.
  • Fall Observations begin after the 2nd week in September and end the last week of November.
  • Fall Observation Requests will not be considered after the second week of November.
  • Spring Observations begin after the 3rd week in January and end the last week of March.
  • Spring Observation Requests will not be considered after the second week of March.