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Worker's Compensation

I've been injured; help me understand the process.
Injury Occurs
Is it an emergency?
Go immediately to an emergency room. Seek follow up care from an Alliance treating doctor.
  • Report the injury to your employer, and file a First Report of Injury as soon as possible with a campus/department nurse, or secretary and sign any necessary paperwork. 
  • Make an appointment with an Alliance Treating Doctor. Use the Alliance website to search for a provider.
  • The adjuster will contact you within a few business days of the First Report of Injury being filed.
  • Go to the doctor. Take the FROI form with you.
  • The treating doctor will create a treatment, and return to work plan. Please keep your campus informed of any restrictions.
Questions / Contact Information
Mayra Gonzalez
Benefits Specialist
P: 281-727-2079