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Federal Programs and Grants

Mission Statement 

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Tacarra Williams

 Director of Federal Programs & Grants



Yanira Ramirez

Department Secretary



Janice Whiting

      Coordinator of Compliance & Grants


Theresa Nauling

Federal Programs Specialist


Esther Aguilar

Federal Programs Assistant


Goals and Expectations

  • To monitor federal, state, and local grants for compliance, while providing support to all campuses and departments.
  • To secure grant funds in an effort to improve and enhance the regular education program. These additional funds enable individual campuses and/or departments an opportunity to provide a wide range of specific program activities for the students of Sheldon ISD.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Maintaining and monitoring district and campus utilization of federal and state funds
  • Maintaining and monitoring instructional initiatives utilizing federal and state funds
  • Providing quality oversight of state compensatory education funds (SCE) and discretionary grants
  • Preparing the submission for all state and federal program applications and compliance reports in TEAL
  • Maintaining documentation for all state and federal programs for accountability purposes
  • Researching and submitting applications for educational grants
  • Monitoring grants awarded to district and campuses
  • Monitoring district and campus utilization of grant funds


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