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Innovative Teaching Grants

The Sheldon ISD Education Foundation raises funds to directly support educators in the school district through the innovative teaching grant process. To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $186,000 in innovative teaching grants to Sheldon ISD educators.


To learn how to get involved or donate to the Education Foundation, go to

May 19, 2023 Innovative Teaching Grants to Sheldon ISD!


On May 19, Sheldon ISD surprised teachers by awarding $68,000 in innovative teaching grants.


This year, 27 applicants were selected from more than 60 applications representing 11 schools in Sheldon ISD. Selected grants range from creative ideas for STEM take-home kits for elementary students to courtroom furniture for the law and public service courses at the high school. A list of 2021-22 grant recipients are listed below: 


Grant Name

Applicant Name

Dollar Amount

Vending out Way to Literacy Success

Adrienne Fournier and Katie Lever


Take It to Take It: Storybook STEM @ Home

Amanda Chacon


Created It and They Will Learn

Denise Mustin, Maria Vives, Joel Leal

$5,000 (Sponsor Huckabee)

"Art to Remember"

Destiny Barr

$1,463.41 (Sponsor N.Shore Rotary)

CE King High School Courtroom Furniture

Charlie D. McCullum, Stacy Cross

$5,000 (Sponsor Huckabee)

Highest Level Thinking & Singing

Frankie Hickman


STEM for Bilinguals!

Melissa Cunningham & Selina Mancha


Visit & Tour: Virtual Reality Education

Sierra Joseph, Lorin Qualls


The Only Drama Kinder Needs!

Ashley Duque, Isylee Sanchez


Making a Space to Feel Safe

Ms. Velasquez, Mrs. McCall, Ms. Mattina, Ms. Sanchez


Panther RAK Room, King MS

Sandra Menchaca


Newton's Antics STEM Science Kit/ Steve Spangler Science

Tracie Miller


P.O.E.M. Poetry on Everyone's Mind

Betsy Curl-Rocha


Big Canyon Balloon

Kimberly Glover


Great STEAM Careers Start Here!

Priscilla Escobar


Safety, Skills, Savings and Thrills!

Tammy Reed, Adam Brandner


Igniting the Heart to King Middle School

Tylisha Jones (Student Council Advisor)


Innovative Teaching Grants

Brenda Penaloza


"Art Reimagined Through Technology"

Brian Randolph


Buster the School Bus Safety Robot

David Baxter, Alicia Young

$5,000 (Sponsor LAN)

Hop, Spin, Squat... Focus! A Positive Pathway to Alert and Engaged Learning and Academic Success!

Jeanine Adams


Hummingbirds to Keep Our Students in Tune with Micro:bit Code!

Kianda Ramgulan, Sherelle Wilson


Education Foundation Teacher Grant

Racquel Edwards


Get Your Wiggles Out!

Susana Portillo-Matute


Master the Garden At Sheldon Elementary

Joanna Jorgensen

$1,999 (Sponsor Huckabee)

Have a Sensory of Humor

Kristie Sparks


Panther Den

Carol Russell



May 19, 2022 Innovative Teaching Grants to Sheldon ISD!


On May 19, 2022, SEF awarded $72,944.05 in grants to deserving teachers across SISD. A list of 2021-22 grant recipients are listed below: 

Grant Name

Applicant Name

Dollar Amount

Closing the Gap Reading Interventions

Maria Vallejo


VR for Memorable and Immersive Education

Luzdivina Cantu


Experiential Learning Beyond the Traditional Classroom

Joanna Jorgensen


3Doodler EDU 

Jennifer Winans


Creation Stations

Robert Perez


Creation Station 2.0

Karleigh Webb


Chess to Improve Concentration

Linda Yantis


RCA House Points System Continuation

Estefani Velasquez and the KMS STEM Academy


Interactive Displays for Math

Joshua Raglon (Chairman) , Twila Hutchinson, Destiny Wilson, Lorna Randle)


Diverse Books for Bilinguals! 

Melissa Cunningham & Selina Mancha


Diverse Books for Bilinguals! 

Melissa Cunningham & Selina Mancha


Decoding to become readers

Bani Coello, Cristina Reyes, Maricela Vega


STEM Mobile Makerspace for Future Innovators 

Desirae Feemster, Latoya Johnson



Kimberly Jennings



Jeanine Adams


Improving student understanding of biological concepts through exploration.

C.E. King Biology Team


Building Confidence in Biology Using Models to Make Abstract Learning More Tangible

Chirmekia Washington



Adam Brandner



Soaring to Success in Literacy 

Yolimar Mears and Cristina Cisneros 


Merging Learning and Fun

Kimberly Glover


Innovative Teaching Grant

Maria Perez


Innovative Teaching Grant

Leira Salene


Plant the World Around You

Destiny Barr


“FCS experiences Health and expresses Wellness”

Nicole Dickson 


Using Ozobots to Reach Special Needs Students

Anisha Hicks 


Stage Lighting Kit

Brandy Viverette, David Lea, and Tracie Smith


SNAPing Our Way to STEM Success with Snap Circuits

Heather Tyler LaBot


SMART Learning on the Move

Jennifer Verdugo, Amanda Chacon


LEGO Leaders: Learning Through LEGO Play

Amanda Chacon