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The Community Bulletin Board

The Community Bulletin Board will be available on the District’s website where approved nonschool materials for distribution to students will be electronically posted. This information can be for distribution to elementary or secondary students or both. Links to the Community Bulletin Board will be placed on campus web sites and campuses will be encouraged to communicate to their students and parents to check the Community Bulletin Board for the latest information. 

To submit a flyer for approval, please click here. For more information, please contact the Communications Department at or 281-727-1331.

The organizations listed below have been approved by GKDA LOCAL Policy and are not related to or sponsored by Sheldon ISD. 

Request for Approval for Distribution of Flyer/Nonschool Printed Materials 

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All Schools

Northeast Houston AFT Spring Community Event 

AFT community event information Saturday, April 20, 2024

Building for the Future 

Building for the Future This child care receives Federal cash assistance....

Powerpoint in Spanish

East Houston Hospitals & Clinics


High and Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

Sheldon Football League

Sheldon Little League Baseball & Softball

Boy Scouts of America

Empire Academy