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Fine Arts Programs in Sheldon ISD

Sheldon ISD offers high-quality, standards-based fine arts instruction to all students PreK-Graduation.
  • In Elementary School, all students have regular experiences in Visual Art and General Music classes, while our students at Performing & Visual Arts Compass Schools also have additional classroom experiences in Drama/Theater and Dance/Movement.
  • In Middle and High Schools, students start their journey by choosing beginner-level courses in Art, Band, Choir, Dance, Orchestra, or Theater with the intention that they will continue with these programs to the advanced levels through the rest of middle school and high school. The High School Visual Art pathway progress all the way to Art IV in both 2D Drawing/Painting and 3D Ceramics/Sculpture and to AP Art, while the High School Performing Arts pathways progress to varsity-level, competition-grade performance ensembles in Band, Choir, Dance (Pantherettes), Orchestra, and Theater Production (including Technical Theater).
The Fine Arts Department also supports Sheldon ISD's award-winning Cheerleading, Civil Air Patrol (MS only), and Air Force JROTC (HS only) Programs, which can be taken for PE Credit.
For our Instrumental Music classes (Band and Orchestra), here are the instruments offered (Note: It is the expectation that instrument selection will be done in partnership with our trained, certified fine arts teachers and that students will then stick to that instrument throughout their schooling as they progress to mastery.):
  • Band - Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion Instruments: including Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, F Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, and Multi-Percussion (drums, mallet instruments, accessories, etc.).
  • Orchestra - String Instruments: including Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass.
For more information, please contact the program director or coordinator listed below. Click on the name of the program to access their webpage. 
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For more information, please contact the program director or coordinator listed below. Click on the name of the program to access their webpage. 
Program Lead
Email Address Phone  
King HS Art Leslie Roades [email protected] 832-910-7253  
  Band Elizabeth Boone [email protected] 346-378-7038  
  Choir Jennifer Miller-Stone [email protected] 346-378-7040  
  Cheerleading Aryssa Greene [email protected] 346-378-7123  
  Dance/Drill Team Brooke Luther [email protected] 346-378-7122  
  Orchestra Teresa Matchett [email protected] 346-378-7000  
  Theater Adam Brandner [email protected] 346-378-7000  
Null MS Art Quentin Cleaves [email protected] 281-436-2800
  Band David Lea [email protected] 281-436-2800
  Cheerleading Janel Boutte Clark [email protected] 281-436-2800
  Choir Tracie Smith [email protected] 281-436-2800
  Dance Kimberley Franklin [email protected] 281-436-2800
  Orchestra Matthew Payne [email protected] 281-436-2800
  Theater Brandy Viverette [email protected] 281-436-2800
King MS Art Lesley Tamez [email protected] 281-727-3500
  Band Bradley Boone [email protected] 281-727-4363
  Choir Frankie Hickman [email protected] 281-727-3500
  Dance Yasmine Teague [email protected] 281-727-3500
  Orchestra Teresa Matchett [email protected] 281-727-3500
  Theater  Brianna Short 281-727-3500