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Tax Rate Information

In 2007, Sheldon ISD reduced the tax rate by approximately $0.30, and the rate remained consistent for nine years. Sheldon is grateful for the community's support during the 2016 bond election. Results provided new schools to prevent overcrowding, security and technology upgrades, public mobile health unit, renovations, and additions. Depending on the appraised home value, the tax rate has stayed consistent since the 2016 bond ranging from $4.72 per month to $25.58 per month. 
2021 Tax Rate per $100 Valuation
Funds Rate
General Operating Fund (M&O) $0.995
Debt Service Fund (I&S) $0.4600
Total Tax Rate $1.455
A school district's tax rate is made up of two components: Maintenance and Operation (M&O or the General Operating Fund) and Interest and Sinking (I&S or the Debt Service Fund). Adding the two figures together provide the total school tax rate. 
The M&O rate is used to fund day-to-day operations like maintenance of schools and facilities, salaries, and utilities. 
The I&S rate can only be used to make payments on district bonds that fund construction and/or other items like technology and buses.