Construction Updates » 2016 Bond Package

2016 Bond Package

Funds Percentage of Funds Projects
$233.84 million 80.6%
New Construction
  • New C.E. King High School building
  • Sheldon Lake Elementary (#6)
$38.8 million 13.7%
  • New athletic facilities (including Panther Stadium)
  • Resurfacing of tennis courts
  • King Middle School field house expansion
$4.3 million 2.3%
  • Technology upgrades district-wide
$4.06 million 2%
Additions and Renovations
  • KHS previous site re-purposed for a new King Middle School
  • Renovations to King Middle School to re-purpose for public health unit and administrative offices
  • Extended parent pick-up lanes and loading/unloading canopies at Early Childhood Academies
  • New buses
  • Security upgrades (cameras, metal detectors)
$4 million 1.4%
Replacements and
  • District-wide energy management upgrades (roof replacements, LED lighting retro-fits, heating and cooling upgrades)
  • Playground upgrades at early childhood academies and elementary schools