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Smart Restart - COVID-19 Staff Response Guide

As Sheldon ISD begins to shift from working at home to returning to the office, the safety and well-being of all staff and visitors is a top priority for Sheldon ISD. The COVID-19 Return to Work Response Guide provides valuable information for staff to make sure employees are prioritizing their own health and understanding district requirements as well as expectations. 

All staff are required to conduct a daily self-screener, including checking your temperature before reporting for onsite work. If you are unable to check your temperature at home, report to the front desk when you arrive onsite. Employees are required to report results according to established procedures.

Report results by clicking here. This will need to be done each day, so a quick way to find the website will be by adding the link above to your mobile device. To do this from an Apple device, click on the Share button and then click Add to Home Screen.

Sheldon ISD encourages employees to monitor the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website for updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19). 
Sheldon ISD Acknowledgment Forms
Please complete the facility access form and the PPE, social distancing and hygiene agreement forms and submit to your supervisor.