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This page is intended to assist students and parents with school information that has recently changed due to COVID-19 regulations.
If you have additional questions or concerns, please email us by clicking HERE.
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After-School Program
Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Information

What should students do to prepare for and complete AP exams?

Students will take Advanced Placement (AP) tests online at home this year. AP exams have been revised to take about 45 minutes and are scheduled from May 11-22 with make-up testing on June 1-5. Here is a link to the dates and times.Follow the schedule for Central time. The exam is open book, open notes. However, students should review the major concepts of the AP course before the exam so that they will not waste time during the exam. Tips for taking online, open-notes exams can be found at https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students/open-book-tips.

What students should know about AP testing:

  • Students need to check their College Board Account for updates. If any student has a problem that he or she cannot solve, the student should reach out to the AP teacher for assistance.
  • This year’s exams focus on content most teachers covered prior to March. This year’s exams have been designed to honor the good work students did prior to school closures.
  • Colleges across the country are voicing strong support for students to complete the AP experience, take the exam, and receive the college credit they deserve. Colleges are especially supportive given the uncertain financial future many families face, and the value of students entering college with credit.


Preparing for the Exam:

Check the online AP Course schedule for updates: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students/ap-course-schedule
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Boundaries [also Zoning]
Bus Information [also Transportation]
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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

What support is available for my Career and Technical Education (CTE) class?  Will I still be able to take my certification exam?


CTE Coursework and Industry-based Certifications

Each teacher has a Google classroom code which can be found at https://khs.sheldonisd.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1365704&type=d&pREC_ID=1870429. Students should complete their CTE assignments and contact their CTE teacher about certification exams, which will still be offered. Industry-based certifications are an excellent way to be competitive in the workforce.


Job Interview Workshop and Mock Interviews

The CTE teachers are also encouraging students to participate in the Job Interview Workshop and Mock Interviews.  Contact your CTE teacher about the opportunity. Students have actually been hired based on their performance during mock interviews!


Technical Dual Credit

Finish Strong! Complete your Dual Credit coursework! Technical students graduate with a Certificate of Technology. For questions about Technical Dual Credit, please email [email protected]


Access to Naviance.com

Student College and Career Success/Preparation Program 


Child Nutrition
College and Career Center

How can I contact the College and Career advisers?

The advisers can be contacted at the email addresses and phone numbers below.  They are ready to assist with financial aid applications, scholarship information, college admissions tips, etc. See the flyer for the Google Classroom code where you can find great resources. The Google classroom is updated and managed by the advisers.


Smith- [email protected] 832-900-9862

McCorr- [email protected] 832-377-5523

Lopez- [email protected] 832-263-1816

Cruz- [email protected] 832-930-2379


TEA has provided a list of Mental & Behavioral Health Support and Resources. This information is also incorporated into the district's counseling website: https://sites.google.com/apps.sheldonisd.com/sisd-counselors-lessons/home

Credit By Exam
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Dual Credit
What if I am a tenth grader who applied for dual credit next year?
Tenth graders who applied for dual credit should contact the KHS dual credit counselor, Mrs. Wolridge as soon as possible. ECHS, KNIT, and T-STEM students should also check in with their academy counselors. The contact information can be found at
http://www.sheldonisdremote.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1705673&type=d&pREC_ID=1870231.   Make sure that you are signed up for Remind notifications via text to learn about next steps. Some students need to complete the online testing requirements for admission, and there are meningitis forms and waivers that must be completed before you can be registered

What should current dual credit students do?

Check your San Jac email and Blackboard accounts daily. Complete all work and keep in touch with your San Jac instructor and high school dual credit counselor. If you are a MECA or ECHS 11th grader, follow the instructions below to participate in mandatory online advising so that you can be registered for classes in summer or fall.

Click on the link https://www.sanjac.edu/apply-register-pay/types-admissions/dual-credit-early-

admission-program and schedule an appointment 48 hours in advance. Be sure to follow the steps on the appointment schedule confirmation e-mail. Make sure to select North campus and select Dual Credit. If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment time, please make sure to cancel. For general questions during business hours please contact us at [email protected]

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Enrollment [also Registration (PreK-12)]
F -
- G -

How can the GEAR UP team help me during this time?


GEAR UP High School

Check out the twitter page for virtual college tours and other resources to get you ready for your journey AFTER high school!!

Twitter:  @gearup_sisd


GEAR UP Middle School

-Log in to the Google classroom page for virtual college tours, college facts, chat with an advisor, answer questions about your grades and to view any information previously posted on Twitter!

Google Classroom- OCJXR3D

Twitter: @gearup_sisd


Contact us with any questions at [email protected] or 832-429-7342 (text or call!)
Grading Guidelines 
Please click HERE for board-approved grading guidelines based on remote learning opportunities.
Graduation (aka C. E. King High School Class of 2020)
Please click HERE - as the contents on this page change frequently.
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Health Services
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Personal Items Left at School
Q -
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Registration (PreK-12) [also Enrollment]
Report Cards
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San Jacinto College

What should I do if I am a senior who is planning to attend San Jacinto College?
Request an Advising appointment from San Jacinto College
Go to this link- 

  • Select Campus: (Sheldon is closer to the North campus, but any campus should be able to assist)
  • Select Department
  • Select Reason for Visit 
  • Select Advisor- you can select anyone (then click the yellow “select” button on right)
  • Select and date/time (then click the yellow “select” button on right)
  • Fill in your personal info, San Jac G#, and your contact info (make sure you type it correctly!) 
Select: Book Appointment
School Start Times and End Times 
Seniors (aka C. E. King High School Class of 2020)
Please click HERE - as the contents on this page change frequently.
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Transfers (In-District and Out-of-District) 
Transportation [also Bus Information]
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Zoning [also Boundaries]