Frequently-Asked Questions (English)

What is a bond election?

School districts are required by state law to ask voters for permission to sell bonds to investors in order to raise the capital dollars required for projects such as renovation to existing buildings or building a new school. Through this, voters are giving permission for the district to take out a loan and pay that loan back over an extended period of time, much like a family takes out a mortgage loan for their home. A school board calls a bond election so voters can decide whether or not they want to pay for proposed facility projects.

What is included in the 2020 bond package?

The Sheldon ISD Board of Trustees called for a $438.8 million bond election on Feb. 4, which will be presented on the May 2nd ballot, and will be broken out into three separate propositions.

The majority of the bond funds would be allocated toward the construction of new campuses; expansions and renovations to existing campuses/district facilities; and security upgrades. Other portions of the bond would include a new multipurpose arena as well as a community/district natatorium.

BOND PACKAGE- $438,800,000

Proposition A - $250,000,000
- New Grade 9 or Grade 9/10 campus
- Elementary School #7
- Middle School #3
- Early Childhood Academy #3
- Cravens Early Childhood Academy classroom expansions
- Null Middle School classroom expansions
- Safety and security upgrades throughout the district
- Interior/exterior improvements throughout the district
- Accessibility upgrades throughout the district
- Relocation of Early Learning Center

Proposition B - $160,100,000
- New 10,000-seat multipurpose community center / arena

Proposition C - $28,700,000
- New competitive 8-lane natatorium

What can the multipurpose center be used for?

The proposed 10,000-seat multipurpose community center / arena can be used for a variety of venues including, but not limited to, graduation, concerts, speaking events, religious assemblies, volleyball, basketball, playoff events, camps, tournaments, clinics, cheer competitions, job fairs, STEM showcase events, conventions, conferences, trade shows, CrossFit competitions, hackathons – and even drone racing.

Also, this proposed facility would be available to rent because of its flexible scheduling and ample parking as well as its easy access on and off of Beltway 8. In addition, this facility would be located within minutes of local restaurants and hotels.

Will this issue help affect overcrowding in many of our schools?

Proposition A includes both new construction as well as classroom expansions throughout the district to address current and future student population growth. These proposed additions and/or renovations would be split into phases.

The majority parts of Phase 1 would add wings for classroom expansions at both Cravens Early Childhood Academy and Michael R. Null Middle School; security upgrades; and additional interior and exterior renovations throughout the district.

Phase 2 includes the construction of a seventh elementary campus; and Phase 3 would add a third Early Childhood Academy, a third middle school campus, a Ninth Grade Center or Grade 9/10 campus, multipurpose arena, and a natatorium.

Who dictates how much our taxes will be?

The Harris County Appraisal District is responsible for discovering and appraising property for ad valorem tax purposes for each taxing unit within the boundaries of the district. The appraisal district in Harris County is the largest in Texas, serving approximately 500 taxing units, and one of the largest appraisal districts in the United States.

How much will my taxes go up, if this bond passes?

The maximum tax increase would be 4 cents per $100 value after the district starts selling these bonds.

Have I already started seeing my taxes go up from the 2016 bond?

Yes, the total increase on the 2016 bonds is 12 cents per $100 value after state compression. This is inclusive of any increase the board is going to approve for the 2020 tax year.

When will my taxes go up if this bond is approved?

Taxes will increase only after the district decides to add new facilities to accommodate growth. The earliest possible increase would be tax year 2021.

When can we vote?

Early Voting Locations/Dates/Times
Polling Location – Sheldon ISD Ney Administration Building
11411 C. E. King Parkway
Houston, Texas 77044
April 20, 2020 – April 24, 2020 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
April 25, 2020 (8 a.m. to noon)
April 27, 2020 – April 28, 2020 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Polling Location – C. E. King High School
11433 East Sam Houston Parkway North
Houston, Texas 7704
April 21, 2020 – April 23, 2020 (6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)

I am a 68-year-old Sheldon ISD resident/homeowner.  Will my taxes increase?

According to state law, the dollar amount of school taxes imposed on the residence homestead of a person 65 years old or older cannot be increased above the amount paid in the first year after the person turned 65. This amount remains the same regardless of changes in tax rate or property value unless significant improvements are made to the home. Individuals 65 and over must apply for this exemption.

What is the difference between functional and maximum capacity? And who sets this?

The maximum capacity of a school is having every seat filled in every designated teaching space for every period of the school day. Building and life-safety codes may be impactful on this number. Functional capacity takes into consideration schedule flexibility, average designed student-to-teacher ratio, and desired use of spaces. Capacity values for a school are determined by the physical space available.

What are the two components of the tax rate?

Public school taxes involve two figures, which divide the school district budget into two “buckets.” The first bucket is the Maintenance and Operations budget (M&O), which funds daily costs and recurring or consumable expenditures such as teacher and staff salaries, supplies, utilities, etc. Approximately 82 percent of the district’s M&O budget goes to teacher and staff salaries. Recapture is the primary means by which Chapter 49 school districts send local property tax revenue to the state for redistribution among other districts.

The second bucket is the Interest and Sinking budget (I&S), also known as Debt Service, and that is used to repay debt for longer-term capital improvements approved by voters through bond elections. Proceeds from a bond issue can be used for the construction and renovation of facilities, the acquisition of land and the purchase of capital items such as equipment, technology and transportation. I&S funds cannot by law be used to pay M&O expenses, which means that voter-approved bonds cannot be used to increase teacher salaries or pay rising costs for utilities and services.

Who is eligible to vote in this election?

Any registered voter that resides within the Sheldon ISD boundaries.

How do I register to vote if I am not a voter yet?

1. Get a registration application form (forms are available at all Sheldon ISD campus front offices and the Sheldon ISD administration building (11411 C. E. King Parkway).

Forms are also available online to print out and mail. Click HERE for an online form.
2. Fill out form and mail to:


Tax Assessor-Collector

Ann Harris Bennett

P.O. Box 3527 Houston 77253-3527

(713) 274-8200 Phone

(713) 368-2309 FAX

  1.  More helpful information if you have moved or changed your name -

After I have registered, when will I receive my voter registration certificate?

You should receive a Voter Registration Certificate within 30 days. On Election Day, please bring your certificate to your local polling place if you have it. However, all that is required to vote is a valid ID.





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