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Truancy - Overview

Sheldon ISD’s slogan of “Attendance Matters, All Day, Every Day” is not just a catch phrase. There have been numerous studies that state “one of the keys to student success is being in each class, every school day”. Texas has laws that govern student attendance within the Texas Education Code and Texas Family Code. Students ages six through 19 are required to be in attendance each school day for the entire time instruction is provided. Regular school attendance improves student learning and is essential to make the most of a child’s education. Absences from class not only leads to students “falling behind” in their mastery of the course content, it can also lead to legal proceedings against the child and parent/guardian. There are two state laws, one deals with compulsory attendance, and the other with attendance for course credit. Both of these laws are of special interest to the school, the students and the parents.