Digital Assessments

Plickers, Quizizz, & Google Forms

1.  Plickers

1. Plickers

The only device required to utilize Plickers ( is a teacher device with a camera. No student devices needed! Students simply hold up Plickers cards in the orientation that shows which answer they select, and the teacher scans the cards with the Plickers app for instant data. Plickers questions can be multiple choice or true/false.


Use Plickers....


  • for quick checks for understanding to know whether students are mastering skills or big concepts
  • to allow ALL students to participate and engage without feeling self-conscious.


Plickers cards can be printed from the website or a matte-laminated set can be purchased here. Check out the video below for "Plickers in 2 Minutes."

2.  Quizizz

2. Quizizz

Quizizz ( is a great formative assessment tool for all ages. Quizizz gives students multiple choice questions that they answer at their own pace and earn points for correct answers. Teachers set the time limit for each question. These assessments can be run in-class or in homework mode.


Teachers can also...


  • Provide immediate student feedback with the report that is generated for students immediately after the quiz.
  • Track student performance and generate great reports to inform instruction.
  • Browse a library of Quizizz assessments and duplicate them to use with students.
  • Easily share Quizizz assessments with colleagues


Quizizz also connects with Google Classroom - see how below.


3.  Google Forms

3. Google Forms

Google Forms just keeps getting better and better. Use Google Forms to collect student data, grade it immediately, and provide feedback to students in an instant.


Did you know....


  • teachers can collect responses to multiple Forms on one sheet? Think of the usefulness for tracking student performance by TEKS!
  • Google Forms allows teachers to "branch" responses. So - if a student gets an answer wrong, the form will send him/her to a location to read or watch a video, and then send him or her back to the question to try again. If they get the question correct, they move on to the next question.
Sheldon ISD Innovative Programs Department

Sheldon ISD Innovative Programs Department