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Innovative Teaching Grants

The Sheldon ISD Education Foundation raises funds to directly support educators in the school district through the innovative teaching grant process. To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $120,000 in innovative teaching grants to Sheldon ISD educators. 
September 2021 Innovative Teaching Grants for NEW Teachers to Sheldon ISD!
On September 28, 2021, SEF awarded approximately $16,000 in grants to 11 deserving educators in Sheldon ISD. NEW to Sheldon ISD teachers had an opportunity in August to apply for a grant that would impact their students in an innovative way to use in their first year teaching in Sheldon ISD. 
A list of the recipients are listed below:

Innovative Teaching Grants $500 Danielle Hudson
Innovative classroom $500 Andrea Saucedo
New to Sheldon teaching grant $1400 Erik Ramirez
Tech tools for the classroom $200 Ashley Wilson Adelaja
Exploring Connectivity on the Marching Field and Beyond $2,436 Alejandro Cruz
In School Science Field Trip $2,000 Daisha Kiser
Band-Aids $1,300 Roxanne Stahl
I Want To Play Too! $789 Janice Russo
PE Experience $2500 Ana Davis
New to Sheldon Educator Grant $1826.12 Ryan Carmody
Painting with a Purpose $2551.89 Destiny Barr
On May 21, 2021, SEF awarded more than $39,000 in grants to deserving teachers across SISD. A list of 2020-21 grant recipients are listed below:
FCS gets Sew Soapy! Project Nicole Dickson $3,000
Opportunities with Ozobots Amanda Buschmann $2,000
Interactive Classroom Brittan West $2,206
Hummingbirds to help us stay in tune with robotics Sherrell Wilson $1,250
STEM lab in special education Kristie Sparks $1,300
Building literacy with PAWsitive behavior one book at a time Melissa Cunningham $5,340
Digital Tools Chaunte Finney $1,064
Represent Your Neighbor-hoodie Nicole Dickson $3,000
Ultimate Drill Book: Digital tools for 21st Century marching band Elizabeth Boone $1,500
Real robotics kits for high tech campus Jennifer Winans $1,415.90
STEMtastic Kimberly Jennings $325
Creation station Karleigh Webb $1,100
Student podcast in Spanish for SISD Jae Young $6,000
!Puedo leer! Amulfa Ortiz $3,000
Writing across college board curriculum Sheryl Saeed $2,000
Innovative classroom for ELLs Venessa Garza $2,000
RCA House system points app funding Amari Shields $1,800
Ukuleles make life-long musicians Jessica Clanton $984.64
The next grant application window will open in February 2022.