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What is the Education Foundation?

The mission of the Sheldon ISD Education Foundation is to enhance the quality of education services provided by the district. The Foundation will achieve its mission by directing resources toward the following goals:
  • Identify, support, and reward innovations that promote educational excellence
  • Inspire collaboration among Sheldon ISD parents, local businesses, and the community toward providing continuing excellence in education
  • Encourage and empower Sheldon ISD students toward higher academic achievement and leadership opportunities
  • Recognize staff for exemplary teaching
    The Sheldon ISD Education Foundation is a tax-exempt organization established to secure financial support and other resources for Sheldon ISD programs.
The Foundation"s purpose is to promote the SISD mission of providing the best available education to inspire lifelong learning for all students while enhancing students" knowledge through learning experiences that will enable them to succeed, work cooperatively, and contribute as productive citizens in our global society. 

In order to continue to provide excellence in education, Sheldon ISD must implement innovative and creative educational opportunities. Although state funding and local tax dollars are stretched as far as possible, current funding covers only the basic needs that schools have in educating Sheldon's students. That means that outside sources must be tapped. As education agencies seek resources from the private sector, a growing trend is to give priority to those entities that are officially structured as tax-exempt organizations such as the Sheldon ISD Education Foundation which was created in 2004. 

Sheldon ISD Education Foundation funds will support needs within the district that fall outside the scope of the normal operating budget. The Foundation Board of Directors established funding priorities with input from district staff and administration. The Board also established a system by which funding may be requested, accounted for, and granted.