Required Documentation » Required Internet Postings for Texas Public School Districts

Required Internet Postings for Texas Public School Districts



Title XI Information 


District and Campus Improvement Plans (Texas Education Code § 11.253)


District of Innovation (Texas Education Code § 12A.005(a)(1) and 19 Administrative Code 102.1305(3) and 102.1307(a)(1))


Notice of School Board Meeting (Texas Government Code § 551.056)


School Board Meeting Agenda (Texas Government Code § 551.056)


Archived School Board Meeting Recordings (Texas Government Code § 551.128(b-1)


Performance Report for the District (Texas Education Code § 39.362)


Most Recent Performance Rating (Texas Education Code § 39.362 and Title I Part A, § 1116)


Definition of Each Performance Rating (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

Local Performance Ratings & Compliance Status (19 Administrative code 61.1023(h)


Texas Education Agency Federal Report Card (20 U.S.C. 6311(h)(2)


Conflict Disclosure Statements and Questionnaires (Texas Local Government Code § 176.009)


Group Health Coverage Report and Plan (Texas Education Code § 22.004(d))


School District's Employment Policies (Texas Education Code § 21.204(d))


Employment Vacancies (Texas Education Code § 11.1513(d) and (e))


Highly Qualified Teachers (NCLB P.L. 107-110, Section 1119 (b)(1)(A))


Minimum Personal Leave Program (Texas Education Code § 22.003(c-1)

Sheldon ISD Statement of Nondiscrimination


Landowner Bill of Rights (Texas Property Code § 21.0112)


Energy Usage (Texas Government Code § 2265.001)


Proposed Budget Summary of Proposed Budget (Texas Education Code § 44.0041)


Adopted Budget (Texas Education Code § 44.0041)




PSAT/NMSQT and Advanced Placement Tests (Texas Education Code § 29.916)


College Credit Programs (Texas Education Code § 28.010)


High School Graduation Plan (Texas Education Code § 28.02121)


Student Performance In Postsecondary Institutions


Transition and Employment Guide (Texas Education Code § 29.0112)


IDEA Procedural Safeguards (20 U.S.C. § 1415(d)(1))


Proficiency Plan May 2020 - Elementary Language Arts, Math and CCRM


Proficiency Plan 2019-2024: Elementary Language Arts, Elementary Math, CCRM


HB 3 Proficiency Plan Update 2022: Elementary Language Arts, Elementary Math, CCRM


Policies for Physical Activity (Texas Education Code § 28.004)


Number of Times the District Health Advisory Committee has Met (Texas Education Code § 28.004)

Policy Regarding Vending Machines (Texas Education Code § 28.004)


District Policies on Tobacco Products (Texas Education Code § 28.004)


Parents can Request their Child's Physical Fitness Assessment (Texas Education Code § 28.004)


List of Required and Recommended Immunizations (Texas Education Code § 38.019)


District Health Clinics offering the Flu Vaccine (Texas Education Code § 38.019)


Department of State Health Services Internet Website (Texas Education Code § 38.019)


Procedure for Reporting Bullying (Texas Education Code § 37.0832(e))