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Mission and Purpose
  • Librarians shall be an active participant in the total educational process.
  • Provide library materials and services best suited to each student’s individual growth and development.
  • Provide library materials and services to supplement and enrich the school curriculum.
  • Help the students to be discriminating readers of printed materials, and discriminating viewers and listeners of other media.
  • Aid students in discerning what constitutes excellence in literature, thus developing critical judgment and appreciation in their assessment of reading material.
  • Assist the students in becoming adept in their use of library materials and resources.
  • Provide opportunities through library materials and experiences for students to develop worthwhile interests, and to form desirable social attitudes.
  • Provide for the continuing professional growth of the school staff in regards to library and information technologies.
  • Work with community leaders in public recognition of the value of library media centers in life of the community.
  • Teach the students the value of community libraries for continuing growth and personal pleasure.

Sheldon ISD Campus Libraries
 C.E. King High  
Chris Beck
 C.E. King Middle 
Linda Yantis
Null Middle
Karlet Miramontes
 Royalwood Elem.
Jeran Walker
Monahan Elem.
Betsy Curl
 Carroll Elem.
Amanda Buschmann
 Garrett Elem.
Kay Stephenson
 Sheldon Elem.
Jennifer Winans
 Cravens ECA
Stephanie Abshire
Media Specialist 
 Sheldon ECA
Augusta Lynch