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About Us

Sheldon ISD provides, free of charge, transportation services between home and school to all eligible students enrolled in the district.

The district fleet consists of 86 72-passenger and 77-passenger school buses and 22 54-passenger (or smaller) school buses. These buses travel more than 4,000 miles daily on 158 routes to transport more than 7,000 students to and from school. The buses are part of a well-organized, safety oriented transportation system, with each bus inspected and repaired regularly.

The school bus driver is sometimes referred to as the "silent teacher." Because of the precious cargo transported by these drivers, great care is given to their qualifications, certification, training, and operational requirements. Drivers must pass an annual physical and mental exam as prescribed by the Texas Department of Public safety, a pre-employment drug test, criminal background check, and an annual driver's license record check. Drivers are also subject to random drug and alcohol screenings through their employment.

The department staff of 139 employees is comprised of the following:
  Drivers: 84  
  Bus Aides: 36  
  Lead Drivers: 6  
  Substitute Drivers: 2  
  Shop Staff: 6  
  Office Support Staff: 2  
  Administrators/Supervisors: 3