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Remote Learning Terminology

Throughout the remote learning experience, families may hear, or have already heard, new vocabulary regarding online learning and the COVID-19 closures. Please refer to the following definitions below to assist with the new ways of reaching our students and community.

Asynchronous - When students participate in an online learning course at different times allowing them an opportunity for self-paced learning at their own schedule 

Blended learning - An approach combining online and in-person instruction. 

Google Classroom - An online system used to streamline the process of learning and instruction with teachers and students. Users can share files, submit assignments, communicate and receive grades

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment include safety supplies such as face masks, gloves, etc. 

Robust learning - A type of learning that describes instruction going beyond the standard

on demandSheldon On Demand - The Sheldon ISD branded term for remote learning that takes place over the Internet and not in-person at SISD schools




on siteSheldon On Site - The Sheldon ISD branded term for in-person learning taking place in Sheldon ISD schools






Synchronous - When students participate in an online learning course at the same time with the ability to interact with the teacher and other classmates

Virtual Classroom - A classroom that is digital with the use of the Internet and software providing an opportunity for the teacher and students to interact

Zoom - An application used for synchronous instruction online