Compass Schools - Overview

Compass Schools provide parents an opportunity to make a choice in a program that fits their child's interests. Sheldon ISD believes parent voice is an essential part in a child's education. This program offers three tracks (Performing and Visual Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and Technology) and is for all students enrolled in Sheldon elementary schools. Each program is offered at two elementary schools in Sheldon. 

Garrett Elementary Carroll Elementary Monahan Elementary
Sheldon Lake Elementary Sheldon Elementary Royalwood Elementary
2023-24 registration coming soon!
Current kindergarten students have the option to transfer to another elementary school if they want to participate in a specific program offered at a school where they are not zoned to attend. Transportation will be provided for students within their attendance zone boundary only. 
Registration occurs each spring for the upcoming school year. 
There is no need to apply to a program in a school where your child is currently zoned to attend.