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Mission Statement

Sheldon ISD will provide personalized learning opportunities to ensure all students graduate college and career ready.
Patsy Cavazos 
Chief Academic Officer
(281) 727-2000 x-2046
Paula Patterson 
Assistant Superintendent
for Curriculum and Instruction
(281) 727-2000
About the Curriculum & Instruction Department

The purpose of the Sheldon ISD Curriculum & Instruction Department is to provide leadership, service, and support to District staff, parents, and community; focus the educational environment, practices and programs of the District on student learning; and to ensure that each student becomes a successful member of society.

Elementary Curriculum

Secondary Curriculum


Additional Programs

Consists of additional programs outside the scope of core curriculum and extracurricular courses.
Dyslexia Services
Educational Technology
Physical Education

Executive Director of Special Education Services - Susan Pansmith
Responsibilities: Diagnosticians, Dyslexia Services, Program Specialists, Speech Pathologists, Special Education Services, Speech Therapists

Director of Innovative Programs - Becky Zalesnik
Responsbilities: Digital Learning

Director of PEIMS and Accountability - Marcia Herrera
Responsibilties: Federal and State Compliance, Student Attendance, Records Management

Director of Multilingual Programs - Dr. Faviola Cantu
Responsibilties: Multilingual Programs

Director of Grand Development and Compliance - Dr. Brenda Dearmon
Responsibilities: District and Campus Improvement Plans, Federal and State Compliance, Teacher Grants, State Compensatory Education, Student Scholarships

Curriculum Coordinators:
Stephanie Bourgeios, Codi Freeman, Jennifer Grant, Stephanie Griffin, Elizabeth Harris, Shannon Jackson and Saleen Mitchell

Special Education Coordinators:
Quyen Tieu and Evelyn Perez

Multilingual Specialists:
Mayra Cazares, Indira Ramirez and Perla Reyes