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Our Mission

The primary focus of the SISD Multilingual Department is to help English Language Learners (ELLs) master the state curriculum through instruction in their primary language and English.

  • Identifying all ELL student’s proficiency levels.
  • Providing all ELL students with access to instruction in the state curriculum (TEKS).
  • Teaching with differentiation techniques, sheltered instruction strategies, and linguistic accommodations.
  • Implementing the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) which require a focus on developing academic language in all content areas.
Dr. Faviola Cantu 
 Director of the Multilingual Department
(281) 727-2000 X1338
 Dr. Cantu
Sully Contreras
 Secretary of the Multilingual Department
(281) 727-2000 X2073
Mayra Cazares 
Multilingual Instructional Specialist
(281) 727-2000 X2050
Charity Draper
Multilingual Instructional Specialist
(281) 727-2000

Ramon Minjares
Multilingual Instructional Specialist
(281) 727-2000
Stephanie Escobar
Multilingual Lead LPAC Paraprofessional
(281) 727-2000