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Administrative Services - Overview


Christie Gates

Chief Administrative Officer

Office (281) 727-2011

Fax (281) 727-2088

Chief Administrative Officer Christie Gates oversees the areas of Personnel Services, Elementary and Secondary Education, Student Services, Support Services, Advanced Academics, Technology and Maintenance for Sheldon ISD.

Dr. Demetrius McCall

Assistant Superintendent
for Administration

Office (281) 727-2011

Fax (281) 727-2088

Assistant Superintendent for Administration Dr. Demetrius McCall oversees the district's energy conservation programs, Elementary and Secondary Education, communications, and safe and secure school initiatives.

Juan Duenas

Executive Director for Administration
Office (281) 727-2011

Fax (281) 727-2088

  Karen Landry
  Administrative Assistant
  Office: (281) 727-2011 
  Fax: (281) 727-2088
Other Departmental Leaders
Juan Duenas - Executive Director of Administration
Dr. Keith Brooks - Exec. Dir. of Secondary Eduation / KHS School Principal
Kristi Amaranto - Executive Director of Personnel Services
J. R. Webster - Executive Director of Student Services
Karen Gallow - Director of Advanced Academics
Derik Moore - Director of Communications
Brian Martinez - Director of Technology
Dr. Tyrus Doctor - Director of Support Services
Waitus Watson - Coordinator of Safety and Truancy Compliance 

Dr. Keith Brooks - C. E. King High School
Raff Saeed - C. E. King Middle School
Leroy Bradley - Null Middle School
Dr. Rachelle Ysquierdo - Sheldon Elementary
Lorena Carrasco - Royalwood Elementary
Cheri Dixon - Monahan Elementary
Tacarra Williams - Garrett Elementary
Solmaria Benavides - Carroll Elementary
Christopher Dickson -Sheldon Lake Elementary
Joel Leal - Sheldon Early Childhood Academy
Dr. Denise Mustin - Cravens Early Childhood Academy