Strategic Plan » Strategy 1

Strategy 1

Academics and Learning
We will provide engaging personalized learning experiences, including enrichment opportunities, that address the diverse needs of students.
  • The Sheldon ISD graduate will possess attributes as described in the Profile of the Sheldon Graduate in order to be successful in the global marketplace.

  • The Sheldon ISD employee will possess attributes as described in the Profile of the Sheldon Employee in order to educate, mold, and foster the Sheldon graduate.

  • Sheldon ISD will develop a systematic plan to review and audit all district programs and initiatives every three to five years, based on their alignment to the Profiles of the Sheldon Graduate and Employee.

  • Provide professional development specifically designed to produce teacher leaders.

  • Ensure that the elementary and secondary creative and performing arts programs have the equipment, training and facilities needed to produce artistically literate and creative students.

  • Create a classroom environment where technology is an accessible and natural part of the learning process.

  • Create a district initiative that promotes character and social skills education aligned to the Profile of the Sheldon Graduate, from pre-K through high school.

  • Provide a full-day pre-kinderga rten program for all four year old students residing in Sheldon ISD.

  • Develop, support and monitor a K-12 plan for college and career readiness.

  • Develop Classroom Learning Communities through a beginning of the year program that fosters best practice, classroom management, student-teacher relationships and the collection of data to drive year-long instruction.

  • Ensure that differentiated instruction is implemented in every classroom throughout Sheldon ISD.

  • Foster the campus intervention process so that campuses have access to research-based intervention strategies to meet the diverse needs of our students.