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Executive Leadership Team

Karen Gallow Abraham George Brenda Dearmon
Karen Gallow Abraham George Dr. Brenda Dearmon
Deputy Superintendent Chief Financial Officer
Assistant Superintendent
of Administrative Services
Oversees Oversees Oversees
Juan Duenas Dr. Donald Stewart James Webster
Juan Dueñas Dr. Donald Stewart James Webster
Assistant Superintendent
of Educational Services
Assistant Superintendent
of Teaching & Learning
Assistant Superintendent
of Support Services
Oversees Oversees Oversees
Emily Conklin     
Emily Conklin, APR    
Executive Director of Communications & Community Partnerships
Secretary to the Superintendent
sandra_matthieu_imageSandra Matthieu, a longtime employee of the district and an alumnus of C. E. King High School, serves as the secretary to the Superintendent as well as the secretary to the Board of Trustees. She also serves the district as the election supervisor, handling school board elections. Ms. Matthieu is known for her willingness to help wherever she is needed, which is a great asset in the superintendent's office.

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