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Sheldon ISD Superintendent - King R. Davis

Dear Sheldon ISD students, teachers, parents, partners and community members:

Great things are continuing to happen at Sheldon ISD! Thanks to the overall success of our STEM programs at the middle school level, we are expanding this program to include seventh and ninth grade students for the 2018-19 school year. In addition, the progress of our new high school facility, stadium complex and sixth elementary school continues to show tremendous progress.

A sincere and heartfelt “Thank You” to all of those who supported our school district last year following the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey. Because of your volunteer efforts, we were able to re-open all of our campuses – even after four of them had acquired extensive water damage from the hurricane. Although our District was seriously impacted by the flooding caused by Harvey, the Sheldon community was resilient and rallied together – first helping one another, then helping us rebuild our schools.

Now with Harvey in our rearview mirror, we can remain focused on our overall mission which is to provide personalized learning opportunities to ensure all students graduate college and career ready. Our school board members share our overall vision and, in May 2016, voters approved a $285 million bond that primarily addresses the future needs of our district. For example, our new high school will have six different academies for students to choose from: Business and Industry Academy (culinary arts, business); Human Services Academy (health sciences, cosmetology); Public Services Academy (criminal justice, teaching); Agriculture, Manufacturing and Construction Academy (agriculture, HVAC, welding, auto technology); STEAM Academy (technology, STEM, fine arts); and the Early College High School Academy.

Also, our STEM academies at both Michael R. Null Middle School and C. E. King Middle School continue to get stronger since it debuted last school year…and we are just one short year away from unveiling our newest initiative at the elementary level called “Compass Schools,” where students and parents will get to choose from one of three specialized programs (STEM, Technology, or Performing/Visual Arts) rather than automatically attend their elementary campus based on proximity.

I firmly believe that strong communities build strong schools, and strong schools build strong communities. We all must contribute to sustain a productive community that instills pride in every member, whether our role is in the home, community, or our schools. Education is a shared responsibility.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about our District, and I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming school function and/or athletic event.


King R. Davis 
Sheldon Independent School District

Sandra Matthieu, a longtime employee of the district and an alumnus of C. E. King High School, serves as the secretary to the Superintendent as well as the secretary to the Board of Trustees. She also serves the district as the election supervisor, handling school board elections. Ms. Matthieu is known for her willingness to help wherever she is needed, which is a great asset in the superintendent's office.

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