Sheldon celebrates employees at annual ceremony

This year’s Elementary Teacher of the Year is Kathie Cussen from Cravens Early Childhood Academy. The Secondary Teacher of the Year is Melody Daniel from King High School. The following is a list of personnel recognized at the May 12 ceremony:

Carol Russell, Null Middle School, 33 years

Christe Aubespin, KASE Academy, 31 years

Margaret Offill, KASE Academy, 30 years 

Claudia Thrift, Speech Pathologist, 30 years

Lora Layton, Child Nutrition, 29 years

Wanda Holt, King Middle School, 28 years

Robert Davis, King High School, 27 years

Kimberly Deen, Child Nutrition, 27 years 

Carmen Saenz, Cravens Early Childhood Academy, 26 years 

Debra Sims, Null Middle School, 26 years

Hilda Sanchez - Null Middle School - 24 years

Geneva Martinez, Carroll Elementary,  25 years 

Leslie Balthazar, Early College High School, 24 years

Terrie Webb, Child Nutrition, 24 years

Georgina Reyna, Transportation, 23 years

Augusta Lynch, Sheldon Early Childhood Academy, 22 years 

Lesley Deutsch, Cravens Early Childhood Academy, 20 years

Karla Stotts, Special Education, 18 years

Maria Guerra, Sheldon Early Childhood Academy, 18 years

Stephen Thompson, KASE Academy, 14 years

Joycelyn Allman, Transportation, 14 Years

Betty Wright, Early Learning Center, 12 years

And, Jane Scott, Sheldon Early Childhood Academy, 7 years
Paraprofessional and Employee of the Year

Sofia Ruelas, King High School

Maria Arreola Early College High School

Iris Velasquez, King Middle School

Ann Womack,  Null Middle School

Marianna Jaimes, Carroll Elementary

Anasthia Sam, Garrett Elementary

Tanisha Matthews, Monahan Elementary

Jessica Chavez, Royalwood Elementary

Lesley Tamez, Sheldon Elementary

Sylvia Balderas, Sheldon Lake Elementary

Jane Scott, Sheldon Early Childhood Academy

Brenda Flores, Cravens Early Childhood Academy

Norma Alvarez, NEY/NOC Administration Building

Misty Warner, Early Learning Center

Maria Rosales, Child Nutrition

Rosa Monrroy, Custodian

Phillip Sanchez, Maintenance

Linda Thomas, Transportation

Rookie Teacher of the Year

Briana Taylor, King High School

Felix Cruz, King Middle School

Christopher Whitehead, Null Middle School

Ryan Carmody, Carroll Elementary

Ikea Rice, Garrett Elementary

Ursala Doyle, Monahan Elementary

Brenda Tamez, Royalwood Elementary

Joselyn Velazquez, Sheldon Lake Elementary

Andrea Saucedo, Sheldon Early Childhood Academy

And, Ashley Gaddis, Cravens Early Childhood Academy

Teachers of the Year

Melody Daniel, King High School

Stephanie Alfred, Early College High School

Estefani Velasquez, King Middle School

Tracie Miller, Null Middle School

Rebecca Guidry, Carroll Elementary

Carlaskio Smith, Garrett Elementary

Latisha Bradley, Monahan Elementary

Jesus Aldaco, Royalwood Elementary

Michelle Garcia, Sheldon Elementary Elementary

Amanda Wright, Sheldon Lake Elementary

Joana Castillo-Lopez, Sheldon Early Childhood Academy

Kathie Cussen, Cravens Early Childhood Academy

Principal of the Year

Elementary - Dr. Denise Mustin, Cravens Early Childhood Academy

Secondary - Ashley Sampson, King Middle School