New AP Exam Information - Released on 5/4/20

New AP Exam Information Released on 5/4/20
What should students do to prepare for and complete AP exams?
Students will take Advanced Placement (AP) tests online at home this year. AP exams have been revised to take about 45 minutes and are scheduled from May 11-22 with make-up testing on June 1-5. Here is a link to the dates and times. Follow the schedule for Central time. The exam is open book, open notes. However, students should review the major concepts of the AP course before the exam so that they will not waste time during the exam. Tips for taking online, open-notes exams can be found at
What students should know about AP testing:
• Students need to check their College Board Account for updates. If any student has a problem that he or she cannot solve, the student should reach out to the AP teacher for assistance.
• This year’s exams focus on content most teachers covered prior to March. This year’s exams have been designed to honor the good work students did prior to school closures.
• Colleges across the country are voicing strong support for students to complete the AP experience, take the exam, and receive the college credit they deserve. Colleges are especially supportive given the uncertain financial future many families face, and the value of students entering college with credit.
Preparing for the Exam:
• Review the daily instruction and review lessons on the AP YouTube site for AP students. Here is the link:
• Students should familiarize themselves with information on the AP website.
• Be sure to read the AP Exam Guide and contact your AP teacher for assistance with the checklist of items to complete before exam day.
• Beginning on May 4, students should submit the sample response to ensure that they will not have issues on exam day. The AP Exam Guide explains how.
• Know the exam day rules:
• Here is the link to Khan Academy for free practice for the AP Tests:
• Check the online AP Course schedule for updates: