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Board of Trustees

Members include: Kristin Williams-White, Devora Myles, Dr. Demetrius McCall (Sheldon ISD Superintendent), Erika Martinez, Angela Cormier, Fred Rivas, Eileen Palmer, and Latricia Archie.

In 2020, the Sheldon ISD Board of Trustees was named a State Honor Board (one of five in Texas) by the Texas Association of School Administrators. 

The Sheldon ISD Board of Trustees meets in regular session the third Tuesday of each month in the Board Room of the Ney Administration Complex, 11411 C.E. King Parkway.

During November and December, the board meetings are generally changed to the second Tuesdays to accommodate the holidays, and is likewise changed in March to accommodate spring break.

For more information about board meetings, please call Sandy Matthieu, secretary to the superintendent, at 281-727-2006.