• Our school year is coming to an end....

    Posted by Rachelle Ysquierdo on 5/9/2016
    I cannot believe how fast this school year has gone.  I have enjoyed your child and appreciate all the support you have provided for us!  
    As we move to the end of the year, Sheldon Elementary will have various activities.  Please review the upcoming events to stay informed. 
    May 9 - 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade STAAR Reading
    May 10 - 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade STAAR Math
    May 11 - 5th grade STAAR Science
    May 11 - Nurses' Day
    May 12 - Career On Wheels
    May 12- Tiger University Summer Camp at 6:30 p.m. 
    May 13 - Honor Choir Field Trip
    May 16 - Talent Show Auditioins
    May 16 - Toro Bullying Program
    May 17 - NMS and KMS 5th grade Visit
    May 18 - Tiger University Community Support/Spring Show @6:30p.m.
    May 19 - 4th grade Lynodell Pen Pal Reveal
    May 20 - Field Day
    May 24 - Tiger University Stop Summer Slide Parent Workshop 
    May 25 - Perfect Attendance Field Trip
    May 25 - College day for staff and students
    May 26 - Talend Show @ 1:30p.m.
    May 27 - Sheldon Book Parade
    May 27 - Last day for Tiger University
    May 30 - Memorial Day - Holiday
    May 31 - PBIS Rewards Party
    May 31 - 1st and 2nd grade Awards Ceremony @ 8:30 a.m.
    June 1 - 3rd and 4th grade Awards Ceremony @ 8:30 a.m.
    June 1 - Early Release 
    June 2 - 5th grade Awards Ceremony @ 9:00 a.m.
    June 2 - Early Release
    June 3 - Teacher Work Day
    The end of the year will be here before you know it.  If there is anything we can help with between now and the end of the year, please let us know.  We want to make this a smooth ending to a great school year!
    See you at Sheldon Elem!
    Mrs. Ysquierdo 

    I want to thank all the parents that made the month of April a success.  Students worked hard in preparing for end of the year assessments and for the STAAR assessments.  We kept our 3rd - 5th grade students busy as they participated in STAAR Camps to prepare for the STAAR test.  I know they did a great job.  Each student worked really hard during testing days.  
    I want to thank all the parents for making posters for your child.  The children enjoyed seeing them in the hallways!
    In the month of April we celebrated National Librarian Week.   Staff and students celebrated by letting Mrs. Zuniga know how much they appreciated all the great things our Librarian does for our students and staff.  
    We also announced the educators of the year...
    Teacher of the Year: Javeshelyn Reed
    Rookie of the Year: Sacajwea Adams
    Paraprofessional of the Year: Katya Cazares
    What a great group of people!  
    Thanks for all you do!

    Mrs. Ysquierdo 

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  • March Madness

    Posted by Rachelle Ysquierdo on 3/29/2016



    Welcome to March Madness!!!  I say that because the month of March has been so busy with trying to get ready for the STAAR assessment in 4th and 5th grade.  Our teachers have been working so hard to perpare your child in performing their very best on the upcoming STAAR assessment.  Students will be participating in CAMP that will focus on learning objectives and reinforce the skills your child has learn in class.  In the month of January, parents had the opporutnity to attend a STAAR information night in which parents learned more about the STAAR assessment and were provided strategies to assist thier child at home.  

    On March 29th and 30th, 4th grade Writing and 5th grade Math and Reading students will have the opportunity to show us how much they have learned this school year.  This is only the first round of testing, the second round of testing will take place on May 9th, 10th and 11th, our 3rd and 4th grade Reading and Math students and 5th grade Science studetns will be testing.  We will still have a lot of work to do, but I feel our students will work hard to be prepared for the STAAR assessment.  

     We have several events coming up.  If you have not already done so, join our Remind 101 reminder system.  I will keep you informed on upcoming events.  Continue to work with your child at home and let us know if you need anything!  

    See you around SE!

    Mrs. Ysquierdo




    February went by so fast.  I cannot believe how fast the year is going!  In the month of February, we celebrated several events.  

    Thanks to all the dads who come out to our Daddy Daughter Dance.  This year we had double the dads from last year.  The young ladies came all dressed up to celebrated a Valentine special day with their days.  

    We also had a great turn out for our Math and Science night.  Family had the opportunity to learn some math and science activities and participate in the DOME presentation.  The skills they learned reinforced what the students were learning in school.  

    February is Black History month.  Each day the students learned an interesting fact about our famous African Americans.  Students enjoyed hearding new things about famous African Americans through our morning announcements.  

    Lastly, Friday, February 26th, was "Go Texan Day".  Our students had the opportunity to dress in their favorite western attire and see the trailride go by our school.  The trailriders had lunch on the field of Sheldon Elementary and moved on the Memorial Park after lunch.  

    We are doing great things at Sheldon Elementary.  You are always welcome to come visit.  We appreciate your support!

    See your around SE!

    Mrs. Ysquierdo


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  • A time to be thankful!

    Posted by Rachelle Ysquierdo on 11/22/2015

    It is that time of the year to be thankful!  The holidays have approached so quickly!  Our teachers have been working hard to be creative and provide rigourous instruction for our students.  

    Our campus had the Veterans Day program help students and families learn about the history of our country.  It also provided us with a time to honor those veterans who served the United States in all branches of the military.  

    Thanks to our parents, our school fundraiser was a success.  Students sold more than $7,000 dollars of items.  The students were excited about the Limo Lunch Ride.  Students who sold 15 or more items had the opportunity to participate. 

    Our Science Fair was a great success.  Our students did a great job on their projects.  We appreciate you taking the time to help your child.  We had some winnters from Sheldon Elementary!  We give them a big shout out to...

    Science Fair Results


    1st-2nd Grade


    Homeroom Teacher

    Grade Level

    1st Place



    2nd Place



    3rd Place



    4th Place



    5th Place



     3rd - 5th Winners 




    Homeroom Teacher

    1st Place

    Reyna Zuniga

    Schiltz (5th)

    2nd Place

    Danya Jaimez

    Gomez (4th)

    3rd Place

    Santiago Hernandez

    Martin (4th)

    4th Place

    Ulisez Rubio

    Almaguerstagg (3rd)

    5th Place

    Edwin Coello

    Gomez (4th)

    *Honorable Mention

    Deborah Terrell

    Fry (5th)

    *Student did not advance to the district, but was recognized at the campus fair. 

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  • Fall is in the air!!!

    Posted by Rachelle Ysquierdo on 10/6/2015
    The first nine weeks are coming to a close and the students and staff have been working hard.  I cannot believe how fast the time is passing.  This week our students have begun the first round of CBAs.  CBAs provide a benchmark on students progress and information on what we need to do to increase academics.  I feel confident that our students will do a great job on the assessments. 
    Thanks again for all the grandparents who came out to Grandparent's Day.  We have over 300 grandparents and parents on our campus September 14th.  We enjoyed seeing all our parents and grandparents for this celebration.
    Our Volunteer Meeting was held on September 24th.   Volunteers learned about ways they can get involved at Sheldon Elementary. If you are interested in volunteering, it is not too late.  Please let Ms. Young know and she will put you on the list.  
    Some of the other great things we have done this past month were:
    • PBIS Rally
    • Fundraiser Kick-Off
    • Fun Seat Friday
    • College Day 
    • Coffee with Parents (Sponsored by PTO)

    Have your child tell you about the exciting things we are doing!

    Each year at the beginning of the school year, our partner Lyondell provides our students with free school supplies.  To show our appreciation, our students created posters and cards for the Lyondell staff.  We were able to provide them to the Lyondell staff on September 23th!



    Each month we select an Educator and Student of the Month and the individuals are announced at the monthly board meetings.  For the month of September the Educator of the Month is RosaLinda Cedillo and the Student of the Month is Torri Jordan.  We will not have a Educator or Student of the Month for October. 

    teacher          student


    Fall  This month, please continue to check our school calendar, we will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week, Bus Saftey Week, Scholastic Book Fair and we will have have our Fall Literacy Night.  
    Sheldon Elementary has College Day each month. If your child has a favorite college t-shirt, they are encouraged to wear it on College Day.  
    Remember you are encouraged to visit me or Ms. Young if you have any concerns or if you have any suggestions to make our school better.  We care about your thoughts and value your opinion.  I have an open door policy and you are welcome any time. Thanks for all you do for SE!  Enjoy the weather!
    See you around SE!
    Mrs. Ysquierdo 
     We are Little Tigerswith Big Dreams, and Bright Futures!  
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  • Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 School Year!!

    Posted by Rachelle Ysquierdo on 9/2/2015

    Principal and AP

    Welcome Back to a new school year! I am so excited about this school year.  I have been in and out of classrooms each day and teachers are working hard!  
    We "Met Standard" on the Texas state assessments for 2014 - 2015 school year.  Each year the state has changed their standards with higer expectations and our teachers have worked hard to ensure your child is successful!  Also, a big THANKS to our parents for all your hard work and support with your child.  We cannot be successful with out YOU!  
    Our teachers have been working hard this summer to prepare for this school year.  They have attended several staff developments to be prepared.  I am excited to see what this year has in store. 
    Just like last year, students will keep track of their own learning and data in their data binders.  This binder will help students track their progress throughout the school year.  The binder will stay at school but you are welcome to ask to see it during parent conferences.  
    Teachers will be using Remind101 for communication reminders.  To help keep the communication between school and home, I will also be using Remind 101.  Please take time to join our group. You can find the Remind 101 information on the front page of our website. 
    Our PBIS Rolly is scheduled for Friday, September 4th.  During this time your child will learn about our campus Positive Behavior Support system that encourages our students positive behavior and incentives.  Ask your child about what they learned from the Rally.  
    On September 14th, we will have our "Grandparents Luncheon" to celebrate our grandparents.  I hope you will share this information with your child's grandparent.  Last year it was a success and we are anticipating lots of grandparents this year.
    This year our campus fundraiser will Kick-Off on September 16th.  Last year it was a success because of you!  I hope you will help us by participating in our school fundraiser.  The funds raised will go back to your child through school incentives and resources to assist students academically. 
    Our Volunteer Meeting is schedule for September 24th.  We are looking for volunteers to be a part of our campus.  We welcome you!  Volunteers will learn about how they can get involved. 
    Our Title I Meeting/Parent Orientation is schedule for the first week in October.  During the meeting, we will provide parents information on the Title I program and the support we provide each day for your students.  Parents will also have the opportunity to meet their child's teachers and learn the classroom rules and expectations.  
    Each month, to encourage students to attend college, students will be able to wear their favorite college t-shirt on the last Wednesday of each month.  We will post dates on the campus calendar.  
    Our moto this school year is:  One Crew, One Voyage, One Mission: Kids!  Kids are important and we want each child to be successful!  Each child matters!  
    This is going to be a great school year!!!  If you need anything, please feel free to call the school.  
    Mrs. Ysquierdo 
     We are Little Tigerswith Big Dreams, and Bright Futures!  
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