• Employee Access Center 5.0 (EAC)

    How to Login

    Open Internet Explorer and browse to http://eac.sheldonisd.com/eac5/Login.aspx

    In the User ID field, enter your 5-digit SISD employee ID, (do not enter prefix e’) and then press Tab.

    In the Password field, enter the last 4 digits of your SSN. Then click the Login button

    You will be taken to the EAC web page.

    Changing your Password

    Click the Update Account link to change your password. You may select this option at any time. You will be required to enter your old password, then your new password twice to complete the change.

    Demographic Information

    The Demographic Information link shows basic demographic information. Clicking the Update link allows you to request changes to some of your information such as Phone Numbers, Personal email, Contact Info, etc. After you enter the requested changes, click on Save. System Administrator will review your request and update the database accordingly.

    Education and Certifications

    The Education and Certifications link shows all your degrees and certifications. If there is an error or omission, there is an e-mail link at the bottom for the personnel responsible for degree and certification record keeping. If you need to make a change, please e-mail them so you can help them keep your records up-to-date.

    Payroll checks

    The Payroll Checks link shows information on each payroll check paid to you. Clicking on an individual check/voucher will open a PDF version of the pay stub showing the details of the paycheck or voucher. For questions regarding check payment, contact the Payroll Department at payrolldept@sheldonisd.com

    Salary and Benefits

    The Salary and Benefits link shows all active items for which you are being paid, along with any active deductions and benefits. Clicking the Remove Menu for Printing link opens a printer-friendly version that omits the header and links. Use the File Print option to print the page.

    Leave Information

    The Leave Information link shows a calendar for the current school year. Work days, weekends, holidays, and absences are shaded in different colors. A legend at the bottom of the page shows the colors for different types of absences. If you click on an individual absence, a page will open showing the details of the absence on that day. Clicking the Leave Banks link allows to review each of your leave balances. If you click the Show Leave Detail button on a leave bank, you can see all of the absences that apply to that bank.

    View and Print W2 Forms

    The View and Print W2 Forms link allows you to open W2 tax forms in PDF format for viewing or printing.

    Tax Information

    The Tax Information link allows viewing your federal tax withholding status.

    Deductions and Benefits

    The Deductions and Benefits link allows you to see all active deductions and benefits such as TRS, medical/dental/vision insurance, etc. or any other item where either you or SISD make a contribution. Clicking a particular deduction/benefit will show you totals for the current pay period, month, quarter, calendar year, and fiscal year.


    Payroll – Cynthia Langdon CynthiaLangdon@sheldonisd.com
    Benefits – Carla Hernandez CarlaHernandez@sheldonisd.com
    Certifications – Lisa Wooden LisaWooden@sheldonisd.com
    EAC System Administrator – Meena George MeenaGeorge@sheldonisd.com