Sheldon ISD

Every Child, Every Day

Every Child, Every Day

    • Sheldon ISD Student Dress Code

      The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, minimize safety hazards and to teach respect for authority. The administration of each school shall have the discretion to determine if a student’s attire, hair, and/or grooming is acceptable and within appropriate health and safety standards.

      The district prohibits any clothing or grooming that, in the principal’s or assistant principal’s judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations. The policy governing campus dress and grooming shall be enforced uniformly and fairly by the faculty and the administration. It shall be the responsibility of the professional staff to determine the appropriateness of proper dress for all school occasions. Parents will be notified of inappropriate dress. All dress code regulations will be enforced. Each campus will determine appropriate disciplinary actions for students who do not abide by the district’s dress code policy. There will be no absences due to dress code violations. Parents will receive a listing of consequences for dress code violations from each campus in which they have children enrolled. Those consequences can include, but are not limited to, verbal warnings, after-school detention and Saturday detention.

      Because the code will be strictly enforced this year on all campuses, we suggest that you keep your receipts when purchasing clothes for this year in case an item is inappropriate. If in doubt, ask the campus principal.