Substitute Teacher Information

    Welcome to Sheldon ISD's Substitute Teacher Informational services.

     How do I become a Sheldon ISD Substitute Teacher? 

    Attach resume and college transcripts to the online application.


    ·         Substitute hiring will be based upon current District needs.

    ·         Only complete applications will be considered.

    ·         Qualified applicants will be contacted via e-mail. (Not all applicants qualify)

    ·         Application status will not be provided.

    ·         Applications will continue to be reviewed throughout the school year.

    ·         Substitute personnel are required to work as much as possible.

    ·         Active substitutes who are removed from the substitute teacher list or resign for any reason, must re-apply as a new applicant.

    Must have one the following:

    ·         Completed at least 60 or more college hours

    •    Bachelor’s degree or higher


    Substitutes Teachers are required to take the Region 4 Substitute Teacher Certification. the course number is 1072255Click on Region 4 to take the online course.
    Qualified applicants will be contacted by e-mail to complete the following:

    Step 1:      Complete state-mandated Fingerprinting process.


    ·         Do not start the fingerprint process prior to notification from Personnel Services.

    ·         Individuals who have already submitted fingerprints for TEA criminal history review will not need to complete the process again for Sheldon ISD.       

    Step 2:         Attend mandatory in district training.

    Step 3:         Print and complete substitute new hire paperwork.

    Step 4:         You will be notified to set up an appointment to process Substitute new hire paper work. 

    You will need the following:

                            ·         Two forms of identification.

    (Drivers license and social security card preferred)

    ·         Official college transcripts showing degree or at least completion of 60 or more college hours

    ·         Beneficiary information: (Name, address, DOB, and social security number of beneficiary)

    Step 6:         ID badge, parking permit and AESOP Instructions

    ·         ID badge provided.  Come prepared to take a photo (ID badge must be worn at all times when visiting campuses or administration buildings)

    ·         Parking permit provided.  Bring with you the license plate number of the vehicle you will be driving and the expiration date on the registration tag (permit must be updated when the registration tag is renewed and new license plates are issue)

    ·         AESOP instructions provided.

    Substitute rates:

    ·         Substitute Teacher              $ 95.00 per day with 60 or more college hours
                                                 $120.00 per day with a Bachelor's Degree or higher

                                                                               $135.00 per day for long term assignment

                                                                                (After 20 consecutive days retro)

    ·         Substitute Paraprofessional          

    Classroom Aide                   $85.00 per day (regardless of degree)


    To view your check stubs go to Employee Access Center (EAC) at http://eac.sheldonisd.com/eac5/Login.aspx