• District & Campus Improvement Plans 2016-2017

    Green CheckmarkThe purpose of the District Self-Evaluation of the District Improvement Plan (DIP) is to assist district staff in analyzing the effectiveness of district decision-making and planning efforts that address the condition of performance for the district and campuses. Additionally, district policies and administrative procedures for district decision-making and planning will be reviewed.

    This document also provides the district the opportunity to review the quality and effectiveness of its decision-making and planning process. This district self-evaluation allows the district to evaluate its decision-making policy and administrative procedures for ensuring improvement efforts through collaboration in the areas of planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing patterns, staff development, and school organization. It also focuses on district improvement planning and evaluates the district's progress in developing and implementing an effective improvement plan that includes the components of a district improvement plan described by law.

    The district will analyze the level of implementation and impact of improvement initiatives (what is being done) and strategies (how it is being done) that are aimed at improving the condition of performance for the entire student population. The district will also have the opportunity to note any significant factors that may impact performance of students.

    District Improvement Plan (DIP)
    Campus Improvement Plans (CIP)