• Guidance and Counseling

    lighthouseCounseling and guidance services are provided to district students by the following individuals.

    High School Counselors
    Jennifer Williams (E)
    Shaniquwa Finley-Carter (T)
    Suzanne Soto (ECH)
    Pamela Paxton (V)
    Brandi Flaherty (A)
    College Counselor:
    Veronica Benitez

    Advise TX Counselor:
    Meagan Smith
    Middle School Counselors:
    King Middle School : 
       8th grade: René Howard
       7th Grade A-L: Tia Alexander
       7th Grade M-Z: René Howard
       6th Grade: Tia Alexander

    Null Middle School:
        House A:  Latoya King
        House B:  Lisa Ramke

    Elementary School Counselors:
    Carroll Elementary - Noemi Martinez
    Garrett Elementary - Kim Edwards
    Monahan Elementary – Kathryn Fallon
    Royalwood Elementary - Angel Perez
    Sheldon Elementary - Rolanda McClaine
    Early Childhood Academy Counselors:
    Cravens Academy- Centennial Dye 
    Sheldon Academy - Lindsay Tomaselli

    Community Youth Service Specialists (CYS):
    Patti Burr


    SISD has adopted the Comprehensive Counseling & Guidance Program as recommended by the Texas Education Agency.

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