• Advanced Academics



    Sheldon ISD was one of 130 districts across the U.S. recognized for creating opportunities for traditionally underrepresented students. Districts on the honor roll demonstrate significant and consistent growth in the number of underrepresented students taking college-level courses and applying to four or more colleges. 

    Our Mission 

    The mission of Advanced Academics in Sheldon ISD is to provide equitable opportunities for learners to reach their highest intellectual potential by integrating differentiated, challenging instructional environments that foster college and career success.

    The Advanced Academics Department implements the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students and collaborates with regional, state, and national organizations to meet the needs of academically advanced students and to provide professional development for teachers. Accelerated learning, academic rigor, critical thinking, and social and emotional development are key components of Advanced Academics.



    Refer to the district calendar for Advanced Academics Events. 

    Advanced Academics Personnel

    Karen Gallow, Director of Advanced Academics

    Adriana Lugo, Department Secretary
    Bonita Taylor, Coordinator of Career and Technical Education 
    Heath Dear, Elementary G/T Pull-out Program 
    Terra Williams, Insight College Success Adviser 
    Phone: 281-727-2063