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  • Met Standard!

    Posted by Rachel Walker at 8/12/2016

    We are beyond excited to share our great news!  We Met Standard!  Our EduGators are so excited to see the student's hard work pay off.  They were pushed and they excelled academilcally on STAAR.  We are looking forward to more celebrations as we continue to strive for excellence.


    Met Standard

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  • Gearing up for school!

    Posted by Rachel Walker at 8/2/2016

    In less than 3 weeks, we will welcome over 600 Gator's into the SWAMP!  We are working hard to get the building ready for an amazing year.  The staff has spent lots of time, this summerl, learning new ways to work with our students.  Our 5th graders will be using AVID strategies to help them become college and career ready.  We are exciting about implementing these learning processes at all grade levels throughout the year. 

    The campus made huge academic gains this past year on STAAR.  Our preliminary scores predict we will meet standard in all indexes.  That's is a huge accomplishment for the students and staff.  I'm looking forward to another amazing year of academic success. 

    AVID Ready!


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  • Back to School

    Posted by Rachel Dangerfield at 8/26/2015 2:00:00 PM

    We are back!  I love the energy in the building.  The students are excited to be back in school.  Of course, we had a few that have not quite gotten their sleeping pattern back in rhythm.  But, they quickly adjusted and managed to have a great few days of school.

    We strive to keep the students engaged and excited about school.  More importantly, we want them to know they matter.  This year, our theme is "Every Child, Every Day!"  "I Matter!"  There is no time to waste in getting our students prepared to be college and career ready for the 21st century workforce.  Thank you in advance for helping us make this an exceptional year for your child.


    I Matter

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  • Meet the Teacher Night

    Posted by Rachel Dangerfield at 8/17/2015

    There are only 5 days left until we start school.  I am beyond excited!  By now, you should have received some information in the mail.  Enclosed was a newsletter with your child's homeroom teacher, dress code policy, car rider procedures, school supplies list, and an application for our after school program; Gator University.  Meet the Teacher Night is Thursday, August 20, 2015 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  • Counting down...33 days until school!

    Posted by Rachel Dangerfield at 7/21/2015

    We are counting down to another school year. I am so excited and looking forward to a great year!  I hope you have taken some time to relax and reset.  There are 33 days left until we begin again.  We will be mailing out a newsletter in August with information regarding your child's teacher, Meet the Teacher Night and any new changes that come our way.  See you soon!

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  • SWAMP Things - Week 5

    Posted by Rachel Walker at 9/27/2013
    Week 5 went by so quickly.  There were lots of fun moments throughout the week.  We had our 1st "Thank You Thursday" for the staff.  Our students are so fortunate to have EduGators that care about them so much.  We fed them Frito-Pie and they loved it!  We are starting to see more parents come out and volunteer their time to help in the classrooms.  I love seeing home and school working together.  Superheroes and Sidekicks are everywhere throughout the swamp!  Gator gear is flooding our halls.  Our P200 students are recognized every Tuesday and Thursday for showing Respect and Responsibility!  Most importantly, Gators are college bound!  We begin every week with the mindset of going to college.  Students and staff wear college shirts to honor their commitment.  Remember, you can follow us on Twitter @GarrettGators and #garrettgators13 for daily tweets.  Until next week...see you later Gators!
    Schultz and Meador
    TYT Sep
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  • SWAMP Things - Weeks 2-4

    Posted by Rachel Walker at 9/20/2013
    Wow!  Time is flying.  We have just completed Week 4 and we are loving it!  The kids are becoming more Gatorfied by the day.  We have started our P200 program.  It is our way of recognizing and honoring students that show the characteristics of Respect and Responsibility!  Motivating Mondays are kicking into high gear.  We are seeing more students wearing college shirts on Mondays.  Friday spirit days are full of Texans, Astros, Dynamo, Rockets, Superheroes and Gator shirts!  Our theme for the year is Superheroes!  We believe in the Power of a Teacher!  We hope to see you around the SWAMP!  Until then...see you later Gators!
    Dress Up days
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  • SWAMP Things! Week 1

    Posted by Rachel Walker at 8/31/2013
    Week 1 was so much fun!  I was so excited to welcome back our Gators from last year, but also very pleased to see new one.   Our campus has grown and we love it!  Our theme for theis year is Superheroes!  Great teaching is a Super Power!  Be on the lookout for Take Home Tuesdays!  We've dedicated this day to send home important papers and notifications. Just a reminder, we have Motivating Mondays.  On Monday's students and staff  wear college gear.  We encourage students to begin each week thinking about college.  We will be selling Gator spirit T-shirts this year.  This shirt may be worn any day of the week; especially Friday's!  This information will be sent home on Take Home Tuesday!  We love to see everyone wear spirit wear on Friday's.  Gators support the home team.  Therefore, students and staff are allowed to wear Texans, Rockets, Astros, Aeros, and Dynamo gear on Friday's!  Have a great weekend.  Until next week...see you later Gators!
    Week 1a
    Week 1b
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  • T'was the night before Meet the Teacher....

    Posted by Rachel Walker at 8/20/2013
    Walking down the halls, I see something new
    New decorations, new themes, I see everything except, you.
    But, tomorrow I may or even I might
    See all of our Gators for Meet the Teacher Night.
    Parents, sisters, brothers, and more
    We cannot wait to see you come through our doors!
    We are so excited about the starting the new year.  Remember it's from 4-6!
    Until then...see you later Gators!
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  • SWAMP Things - Week 21

    Posted by Rachel Walker at 2/8/2013
    This week we celebrated 100th day of school.  There were teachers dressed like they were 100 years old, students creating projects with 100 items, and lots of fun filled learning experiences to commemorate the the 100th day of school.  It was also Counselor's Appreciation Week.  Mrs. Edwards works tirelessly for our students.  We appreciate her everyday.  Our 5th graders were visited by the Null Middle School Counselors to plan their 6th grade classes.  They were pretty excited about their transition visit. Make sure their forms are filled out and returned by the deadline date.  Friday Night was Family Bingo Night.  We are always excited about the community support and participation in the school events.  Mrs. Anderson was the Rockstar of the Week.  Thank you for being a leader!  Until next week...see you later Gators!
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