Early Childhood Academy

Helping Others 
 Sheldon Early Childhood Academy

Guidance Plan & District Wide Character Education Program

The Sheldon Early Childhood Academy counseling program uses the Why Try Program, Character Counts, the Boys Town Social Skills Program, the Bucket Filling Fill-osophy, and many other resources for the guidance curriculum.

Character Trait/s:    Respect

Topic/s:                 Meet the Counselor, Being an Active Listener, Assembly Behavior, Jagger Awards/Counselor Awards

Social Skill/s:         Following Directions, Greeting Others, Introducing Yourself



Character Trait/s:   Responsibility

Topic/s:                Drug Awareness, Introduction to Careers/Higher Education

Social Skill/s:        Reporting to the Teacher, Getting the Teacher’s Attention, Saying ‘No’ and Accepting ‘No”



Character Trait/s:   Caring

Topic/s:                Violence Prevention (WHO Program, Harassment, Bullying,    Teasing, Decision-making and Choices, Being Thankful   

Social Skill/s:         Offering to Help and Review October’s Social Skills



Character Trait/s:  Review

Topic/s:                Building Better Relationships, Feelings, Communication Skills

Social Skill/s:        Talking to Others, Asking for What You Want, Saying You’re Sorry (Making and Accepting an Apology),



Character Trait/s:   Respect

Topic/s:                Self-esteem, Feelings, Encouragement, Being the BEST You Can Be, Responsible Behavior (Behavior expectations in different environments.), Anger Management

Social Skill/s:        Review Following Directions, Review December’s Social   Skills



Character Trait/s:  Citizenship

Topic/s:                Learning About Culture, Problem Solving

Social Skill/s:        Disagreeing Appropriately



Character Trait/s:   Fairness

Topic/s:                Feelings

Social Skill/s:        Giving and Accepting Compliments, Giving and Accepting Criticism



Character Trait/s:   Trustworthiness

Topic/s:                Careers and Higher Education, Being the BEST You Can Be, Kinder ONLY: B.R.A.G. Program (Beginners’ Resistance Against Gangs)

Social Skill/s:        Having Courage, Managing Stress



Character Trait/s:   Review Character Traits

Topic/s:                Goal Setting Traits, Kinder ONLY: B.R.A.G. Program (Beginners’ Resistance Against Gangs)


Social Skill/s:       Choices and Decision Making