Compliance & Grants

Dr. Emanuel
Dr. Brenda Emanuel
Director of Grant Development & Compliance
(281) 727-2096
Francine Woodard
Department Secretary
(281) 727-2096
Goals and Expectations
  • Ensure that the district and campuses are in compliance with regard to federal and state funding guidelines while maintaining proper documentation.
  • Build a highly effective mentor program that supports effective teaching practices; assists with the achievement of the overall district and campus academic goals; increases teacher retention rate; and provides positive feedback to mentors and mentees by implementing a systematic monitoring process.
 Areas of Responsibility
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Maintaining and monitoring district and campus utilization of federal and state funds
  • Maintaining and monitoring instructional initiatives utilizing federal and state funds
  • Providing quality oversight of state compensatory funds (SCE) and discretionary grants
  • Preparing the submission for all state and federal program applications and compliance reports in TEASE
  • Maintaining documentation for all state and federal programs for accountability purposes
  • Supervising and monitoring the district mentor program
  • Researching and submitting applications for educational grants
  • Monitoring grants awarded to district and campuses
  • Monitoring district and campus utilization of grant funds